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Book Club Terms and Conditions

Book Club Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all book clubs registered with an Exclusive Books store.

• A maximum of 10 books may be taken out (borrowed) on approval
• Books may be kept for a maximum of 10 days
• Discounts and terms and conditions may be reviewed at the discretion of Exclusive Books
• Books can only be returned to the branch where they were taken from on approval
• In order to register for benefits, a book club must consist of 3 or more members.
• A registration form must be filled out at each store where members wish to purchase or take books out on approval
• All members must be currently residing in South Africa
• Book club discounts & benefits are in store only and not applicable to online purchases through www.exclusivebooks.co.za
• The selection of genres covered by the book club discount and approval system are at the discretion of the store manager, but in general only titles from the Fiction, Biographies, South African Fiction, African Fiction and Pan African Writing sections are applicable
• The chairperson and members are responsible for any damage to books taken out on approval and will be expected to pay for any titles not returned in mint condition. This includes cracked spines, torn or bent pages, or damage to the cover of the book.
• Any members found abusing the book club privileges will have their membership revoked. This includes not returning books taken out on approval within the maximum 10 day time limit allowed, abusing the discount system for personal use instead of book club use or registering a false book club that does not meet the book club criteria in order to take advantage of the discount offer



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